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Pain Killer Addiction

People become addicted to painkillers for many reasons. Prescription narcotics taken to relieve pain after injury can lead to pain killer abuse and addiction. Withdrawal from pain medications can be as severe as the pain. Our purpose is to provide information and help to those suffering with addiction to pain meds such as; vicodin, hydrocodone, percocet, codeine, or other pain pills. Articles on statistics, prevention, effects, warning signs, and drug treatment.

What are Painkillers?
What are Painkillers? Painkillers are prescription drugs that relieve pain. Because pain pills are legal drugs, many people think they are not dangerous. Learn about the dangers, legal terms, and street names of commonly abused pain medication.
Dangers of Quitting Painkillers Cold Turkey
There are many dangers of quitting painkillers cold turkey for both the individuals that have been prescribed painkillers for pain management and those who have just developed an addiction to painkillers. The dangers of quitting painkillers cold turkey include severe withdrawal symptoms.
Effects of Abusing Pain Meds
Find out about the very real and dangerous effects of abusing pain meds. Become familiar with the warning signs associated with pain pill use, as well as the long-term problems that can result from abusing pain medication.
Pain and Depression
There are many links between pain and depression, according to medical research. Sometimes the pain is the cause of the depression, and in other cases the depression can cause actual physical pains and aches in someone suffering from this mental illness.